Marketing of APIs and FDFs

We work with our partners strategically and programmatically, to accelerate and extend the product life cycles of ethical drugs. We have developed considerable brand marketing experience in diverse markets through its portfolio of branded generics. We focus on new generations of-of active ingredients for our formulation thereby ascending the value chain in the marketing and ultimately increase revenues from the sales of our products. We indulge in independent/ co-marketing agreements with partners having strong presence and marketing expertise in specific therapy segments for products indigenously developed through stringent processes and advanced technical expertise.

We have a wide range of contract manufacturers in India and Europe which provide

State-of-the-art facilities, which adhere to the stringent specifications of US FDA, GMP and WHO.

Our pharma contract manufacturers provide a qualified and experienced technical team in the areas of quality control, quality assurance, product development, for all ranges of products.

Our offerings are the result of our focus on quality, reliability and service, we are aware that customers want more than a supplier, which is why we work in partnership to provide a flexible, efficient and dependable service.