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API Pharma Tech Identifies the niche and complex APIs and FDFs that are technologically challenged.

About Us

API Pharma Tech is a research-based pharmaceutical company that aims to help clients reduce research and development costs and deliver medicine to treat unmet needs. The company will develop and deliver products that are expected to meet the needs of people suffering from iron-dependent Anemia, chronic kidney disease, Wilson’s disease, cystine urea kidney stones, and rheumatoid arthritis. Our focus on generic as well new drugs in the coming years, and plans to invest and expand operations into pharmaceutical manufacturing.

API Pharma tech is established with two research and development labs and a manufacturing facility.

Lab and manufacturing facility in the USA

A completely equipped lab in New Jersey, USA, have dedicated teams working on the development of finished dosage forms.

Lab in Kukatpally, India (GMP Analytical Lab)

A full-fledged Research Laboratory in the field of developing novel synthetic routes for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients in India has dedicated teams working on synthetic, organic chemistry, process engineering and analytical development.

Development of active Pharma ingredients

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production is a critical component of drug development. The efficient synthesis of a molecule is a fundamental requirement of success.  API pharma tech strives for an efficient development of synthetic routes of active pharmaceutical ingredients which include the consideration of quality, safety, robustness, costs and time constraints.


API Pharma tech is a dynamic team of experienced professionals with a wide array of skills, including Business Development, API manufacturing development, Formulation Development, Analytical Development, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Project Management, HR, Finance & IT. Our team consist of experts with rich experience in Pharmaceutical Development, Technology Transfer & Project Management. We have combined multidisciplinary experience, commitment and passion while working seamlessly as a team to deliver outstanding quality and value.

Manufacturing of Active Pharma Ingredients

We have a wide range of contract manufacturers in India and Europe which provide.,

  • State-of-the-art facilities, which adhere to the stringent specifications of GMP and WHO
  • Qualified and experienced technical team in the areas of pharma contract manufacturing in India, quality control, quality assurance, product development, for all ranges of products.

Development of finished dosage forums

Formulation Development is a process in which one or more therapeutically active ingredients are combined usually with more than one excipient to prep area pharmacologically active composition. The process aims to impart stable shelf life, while adhering to all regulatory requirements and making the formulation patient compliant.

API Pharma Tech LLC has a well-equipped, dedicated Formulation and Development (F&D) laboratory. These include oral dosage forms (Tablet, capsules, powders and Liquids), Parenteral Dosages (Sterile liquid, suspension, Freeze dried powder), Topical Dosages (Creams and Ointments, Lotions), Ophthalmic Dosage (Sterile Solutions and suspensions). A separate Analytical Development Laboratory, equipped with latest instruments, is also present to support the formulation development activities. Our team of dedicated scientists constantly works for the betterment of society focusing on the following activities:

  • Designing dosage forms by using most innovative techniques to meet the safety, quality and therapeutic efficacy.
  • Developing analytical methods of evaluation and subsequent validation and to lay down finished product specifications in accordance with all regulatory compliances.
  • Continual development of existing products to meet customer satisfaction.
  • Interacting with technical teams through training programs to facilitate regular exchange of ideas regarding any new products and to create awareness about latest technologies and research

Manufacturing of Active Pharma Ingredients

Apart from the development of finished dosage forms, we also manufacture them as per good manufacturing practices (cGMP).

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